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Born in Vienna in 1967 I was brought up in London, studied at the University of Edinburgh, the University of Vienna and Max Reinhardt Seminar and currently reside in Vienna. I’m a writer, painter, filmmaker and video artist who has published “Gaza a Philosophical Dictionary”, about the situation in Gaza, “Happy Shiny People”, a collection of short stories which deal with “casual brutality, the illusion of “free markets” and the abuse of power”, “Lady Jane and other plays” about “lies, deceit, and the disastrous consequences of willful blindness”, “Gaza and the Language of Genocide”, about “how language can mask reality, be uncoupled from reality and help distort reality”, “A Warder’s Tale”, a “novel about Thomas Bernhard, Art, Nazis and Austria”, “Dackerl” a novella “about the quest of a young man to avenge his father, a prominent writer who has been murdered by a Nazi”, “Persephone”, a novella “about an academic in search of spiritual enlightenment”, “Confessions of a Non-Political Man”, a book of comic poetry “full of Poundian energy and learning” (Gabriel Rosenstock), and “W. H. Auden, The Life and Love of a Poet”, “a series of interviews with friends and family which provides a unique, fascinating and invaluable insight into the private world of W. H. Auden.”


You’ll see an option to become a paid subscriber at $7 a month or $70 a year. What you’ll get in return is a weekly essay on a whole variety of topics such as: current affairs, philosophy, history, art, literature or culture, which I sincerely hope will interest, stimulate or inspire. I feel confident about what I write and, for those who wish to research my posts on social media: they’ll find I have a pretty good track record. What I want above all is for people to share my intellectual adventure. I have learned an awful lot over the last decade and think it a shame for so much work, research and reading to go to waste. The subscription is designed to encourage and subsidise me while I continue researching and writing. It is also intended to compensate for the vast amount I’ve spent on books and for the time I’ve taken (or will take!) to read them. After all, to quote Samuel Johnson: “no man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money.” This isn’t entirely true: writing is a joy in itself. I sincerely hope that those who read these essays will share my sense of delight.

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current affairs, philosophy, history, art, literature & culture.


Born in Vienna, raised in London, studied in Edinburgh, lives in Vienna.